Tuesday, February 5, 2019

2018 Heifer Calf Crop

Hope the winter season has been treating everyone well!  It looks like the cold and snow are settling in for a normal winter.  I was very fortunate to be able to connect with a cattlemen from North Dakota this past Fall and market all but one of my spring born Shorthorn heifers as well as a couple of Fall 2017 heifers.  I did want to post some pictures of them as I am very proud of what we produced.

Most of the calves were sired by TS Ben Cartwright.  You can see an updated picture of him on the sires page.

Because of the sale I didn't have any females to consign to the Minnesota State Shorthorn Sale.  We do have a nice set of Fall 2018 purebred heifers if anyone is interested.

Haumont Rosabell Cow with calf sired by Haumont bull.

TS Ben Cartwright daughter with Haumont bull sired heifer calf

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018 Cattle Offering

Normally I would be posting pictures of bred and open heifers we were consigning at the Minnesota Shorthorn Sale.  This past year was very successful in terms of marketing females so I didn't have many open heifers to make into bred heifers!  Good problem to have!  We do have some 2017 born  heifer calves mostly sired by TS Ben Cartwright (Bonanza Son)  Here are some examples:

Ben C. times Fresh Prince
Ben C. times 80c
We also have a nice set of Fall born heifer calves out of a bull which originated with Haumont Shorthorns in Nebraska.  They are still on the cow so I will post pictures later.

2018 Beef and Pork Orders

I would like to Thank all of our customers that purchased beef and pork from our farm.  We really appreciate not only your business but your confidence in what we are raising!!

Thank you!!!!
We are now taking orders for 2018.

  1. Two beef going in February 22nd - Three quarters remaining
  2. Two beef going in March 22nd - all available

  1. We are long ways away from August but its not too early to plan ahead!  I would like a $50 deposit on a pig and I will guarantee on for August delivery.

As always we will be using Lonsdale Country Market for our beef.  We can try a different processor for the pigs if requests are made and I can get appointments.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Updated Sale Picture

The 2017 Minnesota Shorthorn Sale is Sunday February 26 at noon. Sale is held at Simon Arena in Cannon Falls
Minnesota Shorthorn Sale Lot 14

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 Minnesota Shorthorn Sale...
February 26, 2017 - Simon Arena - Cannon Falls, MN

It's that time of year once again!  We have entered two animals for the sale:

BSF 934 Audry 628D (x4242874)
This is the first calf offered up for sale out of TS Ben Cartwright and she's a dandy!  Just a May baby and is ready to show or run in the front pasture. 

TS Ben Cartwright - by Saskvally Bonanza

BSF 828 North Springtime 522C (*DR4245222)
Durham Red!  522c is a half sib to past sale heifers out of our Norseman King son Red Angus bull.  Her mother goes back to an old favorite from Canada Eionmor Ultra 49J.  She was AI'd to Red Cloud 7026 and cleaned up with ADS HL Conquistador (JSF Troubador son) due in late March 2017.

I do have some more half sibs to this bred female and they are like peas in a pod! 

Friday, February 26, 2016


BSF 106Y Miss Packer (x4234827)
Meat Packer out of a Prince of Jazz daughter
Along with Donnelly Shorthorns and Bollum Family Shorthorns we purchased the U.S. semen rights on Meat Packer.  We will be having calves out of him the end of March 2016.  Semen is available so bring your tanks to the 2016 Minnesota Shorthorn Sale!!


2016 State Sale Entry

We ended up having to scratch our bred heifer from the 2016 sale.  The vet figures that she ate some bad feed and ended up with an infection in her mouth.  The swelling went down but she still has a small hard spot on her jaw.  I do not feel right putting her in the sale.

BSF 035X Gayle 419B

She does look good and I do have two half sisters to her I would be willing to sell all bred to DMH Cherry Fillet due the end of March 2016.